Sunday, Jan 21, 2018

Category: Gamma Hose

Trelleborg Oil and Petroleum Hoses and Handling Solutions Video.

This animated video shows the full range of Trelleborg’s handling solutions for the Oil and Petroluem industry

Gamma Hose are the UK’s leading supplier of Trelleborg hoses for oil and petroleum. If you need help with the design and supply of your hose contact us today.

Trelleborg Dredging Hoses Video

This dramatic animated video shows the technology behind the manufacturing of Trelleborg dredging hoses.

To discuss your industrial hose requirements, large or small, wet or dry, please contact us today

Trelleborg – Local Presence, Global Reach Video

This Trelleborg video explains their continued global expansion. This video specifically covers their expansion into India.

Gamma Hose are proud to represent Trelleborg Industrial Hoses in the UK. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Trelleborg Food Safe Hoses

The food and drink industry uses hoses extensively in their production and distribution processes. These hose must meet stringent approvals from bodies such as CEE, FDA, BGVV, IANESCO

Trelleborg supply Gama Hose with the products needed to meet the requirements of the food and drink industry in the UK. The hose assemblies manufactured by Gamma Hose are safe and cost effective. For example the smooth extruded inner tube can cope with the most common cleaning operations used. This combined with specially designed coupling systems ensures there is no problem with bacterial growth.

Full specification sheets for the food hoses can be found and downloaded at the Gamma Hose food hoses page on the website.

Trellborg Cement Handling Hoses Video

Trelleborg provide a range of hoses for handling various stages of the cement production and distribution industry.

The particular hose types offered are Treliflex, Performer, Supervac and Trellvac Transporter.

This excellent video produced by Trelleborg explains where the various products are used.

If you have any cement handling requirements in the UK then please contact us at Gamma Hose so we can accurately specify and manufacture the hoses you require.