Friday, Feb 23, 2018

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Trelleborg Hoses For Wine and Alcohol

This video shows the range of Trelleborg Food Safe hoses in action

Trelleborg Alcohol and Wine Hoses

Trelleborg Alcohol and Wine Hoses

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Trellvin Food Safe Hose Test Video

This video replicates the sort of “accident” that might happen with a delivery vehicle and the Trelleborg Trellvin food safe hose.

Trellvin Hose Test Click Image To Play Video

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Avoiding Static Fires When Using Petroleum Hoses

A recent article highlighted the dangers involved when using fule lines to fill aircraft or cars.

In the particular case at Maryborough Airport a pilot  received serious burns after refuelling his aircraft. Apparently, the man was filling up when static from the bower sparked a fire- burning the man’s hands and arms.

It is imperative that hoses for these applications should include a means of earthing to avoid static build up and a sparks which can cause a fire.

For example Gamma Hose recommend the Trelleborg Voludec hose which includes a conductive braid to dissipate static electricity.

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Trelleborg Voludec Hose Click To Download Spec Sheet

Trelleborg Fluid Handling Reeline Hoses

Another great video from Trelleborg this time explaining their fluid handling Reeline hoses

Please follow this link to see the full range of oil and petroleum hoses from Trelleborg.

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Offshore Deep Water Drilling Gets a Green Signal

UK MPs have given their consent to deep water drilling off United Kingdom. However, protestors, including oil companies, unanimously agree that this step poses a serious threat to the environment. The Energy and Climate Change committee was asked to look into the risks of offshore drilling and it was established that it could cause an oil spill worse than the Gulf of Mexico spill last year.

According to Member of Parliament and chairman of the committee, Tim Yeo, ‘Britain’s energy and national security rely on exploiting the newly discovered oilfields’. He suggested that the safety rules be “tightened up”. He added, however, that the general regulatory system was extremely “robust”. Tim Yeo also said, “I think the concerns are nothing like big enough to justify stopping the process”.

Gamma Hose is a renowned distributer of industrial hoses of all types. These hoses are widely used for fire security purposes as well as for spillage clean-ups.