Friday, Feb 23, 2018
Drain and Sewer Cleaning Hoses From Trelleborg In this excellent video Trelleborg explains their products for the drain and sewer cleaning sector.
Industrial Rubber Hoses; Uses and Production This video from the Discovery Channel explains the usage and how industrial rubber hoses are made. Rubber hoses find a variety of applications in domestic as well as industrial sector. Some rubber hoses are used for supplying air, water or raw materials to different machines; others may be used for removal of water or liquid [...]
LPG Hoses and Hose Assemblies A large range of LPG Hoses and hose assemblies are offered by Gamma Hose Limited. Orange propane hoses, LPG Tubes, galvanized and stainless steel over braided hoses are marketed by Gamma Hose Limited for applications for LPG, Propane, Butane Hose & Assemblies. Standard pigtail assemblies, stainless steel over braided assemblies and standard fittings are also [...]

Trelleborg Dredging Hoses Video

This dramatic animated video shows the technology behind the manufacturing of Trelleborg dredging hoses.

To discuss your industrial hose requirements, large or small, wet or dry, please contact us today

Trelleborg – Local Presence, Global Reach Video

This Trelleborg video explains their continued global expansion. This video specifically covers their expansion into India.

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Trelleborg Food Safe Hoses

The food and drink industry uses hoses extensively in their production and distribution processes. These hose must meet stringent approvals from bodies such as CEE, FDA, BGVV, IANESCO

Trelleborg supply Gama Hose with the products needed to meet the requirements of the food and drink industry in the UK. The hose assemblies manufactured by Gamma Hose are safe and cost effective. For example the smooth extruded inner tube can cope with the most common cleaning operations used. This combined with specially designed coupling systems ensures there is no problem with bacterial growth.

Full specification sheets for the food hoses can be found and downloaded at the Gamma Hose food hoses page on the website.

Trellborg Cement Handling Hoses Video

Trelleborg provide a range of hoses for handling various stages of the cement production and distribution industry.

The particular hose types offered are Treliflex, Performer, Supervac and Trellvac Transporter.

This excellent video produced by Trelleborg explains where the various products are used.

If you have any cement handling requirements in the UK then please contact us at Gamma Hose so we can accurately specify and manufacture the hoses you require.

The Semperit Tanker Reel Mounted Hose

Gamma Hose Limited, design and produce of industrial hose assemblies for heavy and safety critical industrial applications. One such example are oil and petroleum hoses such as the Semperit TMH Tankmaster hose or use on petrol tankers and as an oil delivery reel hose.

The TMH Tankmaster is a registered trademark of Semperit suitable for fuel-oil tankers delivering diesel, unleaded fuels, heating oils, and kerosene. It is intended as a reel-mounted hose which has been tested in accordance with existing technical regulations for use on combustible liquids.

The TMH Tankmaster hose is available with non-conductive cover in red color upon request. The tube is black, oil resistant, smooth, NBR and electrically conductive.  It is reinforced with a textile spiral construction and two crossed copper wires. Its cover has a continuous marking in green color.

Other Semperit Oil & Petroleum Hoses available from Gamma Hose include LPG Delivery Hoses for Road Tankers, Oil Return Hoses, General Purpose S & D Hoses, Delivery Hoses for Loading & Unloading Ships and Tankers, and Aircraft Refuelling Hoses.

Gamma Hose also carries Petrol Pump Hoses, Tar Spraying Hoses, Hoses designed for cleaning tank wagons, hoses for unleaded fuel delivery, delivery of fuel oil, diesel, and other multi-purpose hoses for mineral oil products and fuel products. Just contact Gamma Hose for any type of industrial hose design and application you may need.

Trelleborg to expand its Skelmersdale plant

According to an article written by Mike McNulty published in Rubber News (online) on January 31, 2013, Trelleborg is planning to expand its products plant offshore, specifically its factory in Skelmersdale, England. The company intends to upgrade the facility’s equipment and add modern new ones as well as double the Skelmersdale plant’s size from its present area of more than 40,000 sq. ft.

The expansion of Trelleborg’s manufacturing capabilities is intended for more demanding subsea applications. Trelleborg produces products for the offshore oil and gas industry including syntactic foam-based products. The company coordinates the activities of its worldwide business from its head office in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Gamma Hose Limited is the industrial hose specialist that distributes Trelleborg industrial hose products from its headquarters in Leicestershire, UK. In addition, Gamma Hose carries the range of products by Semperit and offers other hose associated products such as couplings, fittings, and fasteners from Mikalor Damesa, the leading manufacturer of fasteners.

Trelleborg understands the growing demands of the industry, and continues to develop innovative and cost effective solutions for its distributors like Gamma Hose to continue to meet the needs of the industry and its customers.

Trelleborg: New Financial Goals for 2013

Trelleborg, in its Capital Markets day held in Stockholm, Sweden the first week of December, 2012 announced the success of their “structural changes” together with new financial goals for the future. President and CEO of Trelleborg Peter Nilsson presented the changes in the company’s business area structure during the Capital Markets Day.

Trelleborg continue to be a world leader in engineered polymer solutions.  The company’s focus is now on improving profitability in all business areas with acquisitions to complement and strengthen their world positions in different business segments.

Gamma Hose Limited distributes the full range of Trelleborg industrial hose products in the United Kingdom.  Formed in 1983 to distribute the industrial hoses produced by Kleber, Gamma Hose Limited expanded it operations when Trelleborg Industries acquired Kleber.  Gamma Hose also offers Semperit –Semperflex hoses and the Mikalor Damesa range of fasteners in addition to Trelleborg products.

Gamma Hose is now a versatile company that offers solutions for a wide range of hose requirements that can include a small LPG Pigtail Assembly or an elaborate 8” bore Oil Hose.  Find Gamma Hose in Leicestershire and ask them about their various hose assemblies and find solutions for your hose needs.

Semperit AG Holding: Acquisition of Latexx Parners

In late November of 2012, Semperit Ag Holding, an Austrian company that has been in existence since 1824 announced its acquisition of more than 85% of Latexx Partners Berhad, Malaysia.

Semperit Group CEO Mr. Thomas Fahnemann announced that the company is extremely pleased with the acquisition.  He further said that the acquisition was largely brought about by the scaling up of the company’s expertise in quality, sales and distribution.  Semperit recognizes Malaysia as one of the major production hubs in the industry of glove manufacturing globally.  The company is confident that they will meet their medium-term revenue growth targets and continue their presence as an industry top player.

Semperit produces and markets rubber and plastics products and develops highly specialized products for various industries including escalator handrails, conveyor belts and hydraulic and industrial hoses. The company employs more than 8,000 workers worldwide where 5,600 are in Asia and about 700 in their main headquarters in Vienna and in their R&D centre in Lower Austria.

In the United Kingdom, Semperit products (Semperflex) are offered by Gamma Hose Limited in Leicestershire. Gamma Hose also offers a full catalogue range of industrial hoses and related products from a number of world class suppliers in addition to Semperit.

Certified Gamma Hoses for Quality and Durability

Durability and reliability is an essential factor in any hose assembly, especially for very sensitive applications that may result in food spoilage and adulteration or in applications that may harm the environment or people working nearby.

This is why Gamma Hose ensures that they deliver only certified hose assemblies and fittings for industrial applications. The company is conscious of meeting all the current industry regulatory requirements and surpassing the expectations of their customers across the United Kingdom. The Gamma Hose manufacturing facilities is centrally located with a complement of expert personnel to ensure that their clients get products designed, manufactured, and tested for safety and of high quality.

Gamma Hose carry the Trelleborg and Semperit lines of industrial hoses.  Both hoses are known for their high quality and durability.  For the Semperit line, industrial hoses are developed, manufactured and marketed under the Semperflex brand.  The Semperflex industrial hoses are produced in Italy, Czech Republic and Austria manufacturing facilities.

The quality of a hose can make or break a business or even an individual’s day. Modern hoses should be assembled using state of the art technology and methods and should be tested and certified. A premier hose supplier and fabricator like Gamma Hose can be trusted to supply the industrial hose for your needs.

The Impact of Industrial Hoses in People’s Lives

Gamma Hose Ltd with its long history in supplying industrial hoses and manufacturing of hose assemblies for UK clients carries both the Trelleborg and Semperit brands.  The company’s hose assemblies have been designed for optimum performance while complying with current regulations.

There is a great impact of industrial hoses in our modern world and consequently in people’s lives.  The world that we know today would grind to a halt without water hoses, air hoses, food hoses, steam hoses, petroleum hoses, vacuum hoses, high pressure hoses and many other types of hoses that are now an important part of the daily life of people around the globe.

Under the bonnet of the car people need to go from one place to another are many hoses which have to cope with extremes of temperature and pressure. One malfunctioning hose may cause a breakdown or still worse, an accident.  Similarly, hoses are present in factories and commercial buildings to keep production going and the environment comfortable. Food manufacturers rely on hoses for transporting some foodstuffs and water. In wineries and manufacturing companies, hoses deliver the raw materials and finished products for packaging.

This is the reason why hoses should be durable, reliable and meet the approvals governing specific applications. You can see these standard and approvals on the specific hose pages on the website. The need for high quality is the reason why Gamma Hose offers market leading Trelleborg hoses.