Sunday, Jan 21, 2018

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Rely on Semperit Industrial Hoses for Various Hose Designs to Suit Industry Needs

Gamma Hose Limited offers a wide range of products for compressed air hose designs and applications with Thermoplastic or Rubber assemblies. Semperit Hoses are available from small bore hose for air & water applications to compressed air hose assemblies complete with claw couplings.

Semperit air hoses have been specifically designed for durability whether for simple air/water applications to very sturdy hoses intended for the oil and petroleum industry. Semperit Hoses are also widely used in the food industry, where hygienic hose and assemblies are essential. Every Semperit Hose Product for food industry used is approved for handling different kinds of materials like wine, milk, grain or fish by bodies like FDA, VTT, BGvV, MMB and IANESCO.

One application for Food Hoses is in breweries and used for alcohol, soft drinks or wine. There are also Semperit Food Hoses designed for conveying oily and fatty foodstuff in tanker trucks. Other hoses are intended as Cleaning Hose suitable for steam and hot water, while some hoses are designed for dry dusty stuff and ingredients for animal feeds.

Gamma Hose Limited, the specialists in Industrial Hose and Fittings can help in your hose requirements and will be able to recommend the right design and materials for your industry applications.