Sunday, Jan 21, 2018

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Gamma Hose for Steam Cleaning Applications

Gamma Hose Limited is the company that can provide Industrial Hose Design assistance and solutions.  If you do a lot of steam cleaning, you will find applications to suit your specific requirements at Gamma Hose.  They can provide the right hose for the temperature and pressure that your need for steam cleaning especially in the food industry or in the delicate tasks in the chemical and related industries.

There are ready-made hose assemblies or separate Semperit or Trelleborg hoses and fittings for various assembly requirements available at Gamma Hose.  They are always ready to help with individual requirements and specifications.

Within the Trelleborg Steam Hose range, products include Trellvast for Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning approved as Type 1, Class A for ISO6134.  The Petrovast, Supervast and S 2096 Trelleborg Steam Hoses are intended for Heavy Duty Cleaning and Circulation of Superheated Steam approved for Type2, Class A or B ISO6134 while the Biovast and Bergalay Trelleborg Steam Hoses are for Steam Cleaning in Food Processing plants.