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Trelleborg Hoses For Wine and Alcohol

This video shows the range of Trelleborg Food Safe hoses in action

Trelleborg Alcohol and Wine Hoses

Trelleborg Alcohol and Wine Hoses

If you manufacture or distribute Food products Gamma Hose can help with all your hose requirements please call us on 01455 847081

Trelleborg Food Safe Hoses

The food and drink industry uses hoses extensively in their production and distribution processes. These hose must meet stringent approvals from bodies such as CEE, FDA, BGVV, IANESCO

Trelleborg supply Gama Hose with the products needed to meet the requirements of the food and drink industry in the UK. The hose assemblies manufactured by Gamma Hose are safe and cost effective. For example the smooth extruded inner tube can cope with the most common cleaning operations used. This combined with specially designed coupling systems ensures there is no problem with bacterial growth.

Full specification sheets for the food hoses can be found and downloaded at the Gamma Hose food hoses page on the website.

Semperit Industrial Products has a Long History of Value Creation

Gamma Hose Limited is the trusted UK supplier of leading industrial and rubber hose manufacturers, fasteners, fittings and a wide range of associated products.  The company carries the brands Trelleborg, Semperit and Mikalor Damesa.

Last September 2011, Semperit Industrial Products (S) Pte. Ltd. joined the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) Panel of Associates, the Singapore-based inter-governmental organization with rubber producers and consumers as stakeholders. The organization’s member governments include 27 member states of the European Union, Cote d’Ivoire, Republic of Cameroon, Japan, India, Russian Federation, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Singapore.  Aside from the 35 member countries, the group includes 120 industry members in its roster.

With a history dating back to the early 1800s, Semperit gained the reputation of a traditional but competitive enterprise in the rubber and synthetic industry worldwide.  There are now 21 production factories operated by Semperit AG Holdings on three different continents. The Semperflex division is the one responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing of hydraulic and industrial hose and wear resistant rubber worldwide.

Gamma Hose is proud to carry the Semperit hoses line with the company’s global focus on the long-term creation of value and its actions oriented towards ecological and social interests.

Gamma Hose Limited provides the best solution for hygienic hoses

Gamma Hose Limited offers the widest range of industrial hose and hose-related products in the UK market to cater to your every need. The GHL line of hygienic hoses targets the food industry to offer clean and trusted hose services.

Each model under the hygienic range of hoses is tailored to handle a range of food products including milk, grain and cold drinks. The Gamma Hose Limited line of hygienic products inspires confidence in users with numerous approvals from IANESCO, VTT, MMB and the FDA. GHL products also come with a range of end fittings including SMS, Tri Clamp, RJT, DIN, just to mention a few.

Food hose range of products from Trelleborg and Semperit are also available for a variety of industrial and institutional applications. Just like the Gamma Hose Limited products, Trelleborg and Semperit hoses are approved by IANESCO, FDA, BGVV, CEE and BMMB. Each assures quality service with minimum complication.

Rely on Semperit Industrial Hoses for Various Hose Designs to Suit Industry Needs

Gamma Hose Limited offers a wide range of products for compressed air hose designs and applications with Thermoplastic or Rubber assemblies. Semperit Hoses are available from small bore hose for air & water applications to compressed air hose assemblies complete with claw couplings.

Semperit air hoses have been specifically designed for durability whether for simple air/water applications to very sturdy hoses intended for the oil and petroleum industry. Semperit Hoses are also widely used in the food industry, where hygienic hose and assemblies are essential. Every Semperit Hose Product for food industry used is approved for handling different kinds of materials like wine, milk, grain or fish by bodies like FDA, VTT, BGvV, MMB and IANESCO.

One application for Food Hoses is in breweries and used for alcohol, soft drinks or wine. There are also Semperit Food Hoses designed for conveying oily and fatty foodstuff in tanker trucks. Other hoses are intended as Cleaning Hose suitable for steam and hot water, while some hoses are designed for dry dusty stuff and ingredients for animal feeds.

Gamma Hose Limited, the specialists in Industrial Hose and Fittings can help in your hose requirements and will be able to recommend the right design and materials for your industry applications.