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Trelleborg Fluid Handling Reeline Hoses

Another great video from Trelleborg this time explaining their fluid handling Reeline hoses

Please follow this link to see the full range of oil and petroleum hoses from Trelleborg.

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Industrial Rubber Hoses; Uses and Production

This video from the Discovery Channel explains the usage and how industrial rubber hoses are made.

Rubber hoses find a variety of applications in domestic as well as industrial sector. Some rubber hoses are used for supplying air, water or raw materials to different machines; others may be used for removal of water or liquid wastes, whereas some may be used to feed ingredients to a mixer in a food production unit. Depending upon the purpose for which the hose is used, the composition as well as the color of the material varies.

This company mainly specialises in the production of low pressure and medium pressure rubber hoses. A wide range of industrial rubber hose in different outside diameters and different pore sizes and varying degrees of flexibility are manufactured. Some hoses have specialty features such as heat resistant fabrics incorporated right into the rubber layers.

The process of manufacture of these rubber hoses is quite interesting. In the beginning, the raw material arrives at the factory in the form of rough strips, which is run through a mill. The rough strips are heated in a roller which softens the rubber, and smoothens into an even texture. Depending upon the size of rubber hose that is being constructed, the rubber is cut in strips as per the required width and thickness.

The rubber strip is wrapped around a rotating steel mandrel, which is of the same size as that of the hose bore. Before wrapping of the strip, the mandrel is properly lubricated so that it is easier to remove the rubber hose from the mandrel later on. To achieve the required thickness, layering of the rubber strip is sometimes done.

The second layer is the reinforcement layer which is a rubber coated high strength synthetic fabric designed to withstand the operating pressure to which the rubber hose will be subjected.

The final layer of the rubber hose is the outside covering. After measuring the thickness and required diameter, the entire hose assembly is wrapped tightly in wet nylon tape, which will later shrink and compress all the materials together.

This factory also manufactures hoses with a built-in attachment on the ends. The built it attachment is positioned on the mandrel and glued to the first layer of rubber strip. It is further reinforced with special textile strips. High strength carbon steel wire is tightly wound over the attachment and wound loosely down the body of the hose at a specific angle which is designed to withstand vacuum pressure. To fill the gaps between the layers, the hose is then wrapped in a soft stretchy rubber strap. Subsequently the high-strength rubber coated fabric and the exterior covering is wrapped. Finally the hose is pressure wrapped with wet nylon tape. For making the hose more flexible, corrugations are created in the body of the hose. A rope is wrapped tightly around the hose, which creates a dip under compaction. A second layer of nylon tape is wrapped to further hold the rope in place.

After construction, the finished hose is fed into an autoclave along with the mandrel. An autoclave is a cylindrical chamber into which hot steam is injected at high pressure. This process of vulcanization triggers a chemical reaction that makes the rubber elastic. Subsequent to this process, the mandrel is taken out from the autoclave, cooled and the shrunk tape is removed from the hose. The nylon tape is then washed and later reused.

The next process is to remove the hose from the mandrel. One end of the hose is tied with a rope and water is gently pumped between the rubber hose and the mandrel. The lubricant, which was applied earlier, prevents the mandrel from sticking to the rubber hose, and the rubber hose slides easily over the mandrel and gets separated.

The ends of the hose is then trimmed off and cut to the required length as ordered by the customer. The finished hose is now packed and ready.

Trelleborg Oil and Petroleum Hoses and Handling Solutions Video.

This animated video shows the full range of Trelleborg’s handling solutions for the Oil and Petroluem industry

Gamma Hose are the UK’s leading supplier of Trelleborg hoses for oil and petroleum. If you need help with the design and supply of your hose contact us today.

Trelleborg Dredging Hoses Video

This dramatic animated video shows the technology behind the manufacturing of Trelleborg dredging hoses.

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The Semperit Tanker Reel Mounted Hose

Gamma Hose Limited, design and produce of industrial hose assemblies for heavy and safety critical industrial applications. One such example are oil and petroleum hoses such as the Semperit TMH Tankmaster hose or use on petrol tankers and as an oil delivery reel hose.

The TMH Tankmaster is a registered trademark of Semperit suitable for fuel-oil tankers delivering diesel, unleaded fuels, heating oils, and kerosene. It is intended as a reel-mounted hose which has been tested in accordance with existing technical regulations for use on combustible liquids.

The TMH Tankmaster hose is available with non-conductive cover in red color upon request. The tube is black, oil resistant, smooth, NBR and electrically conductive.  It is reinforced with a textile spiral construction and two crossed copper wires. Its cover has a continuous marking in green color.

Other Semperit Oil & Petroleum Hoses available from Gamma Hose include LPG Delivery Hoses for Road Tankers, Oil Return Hoses, General Purpose S & D Hoses, Delivery Hoses for Loading & Unloading Ships and Tankers, and Aircraft Refuelling Hoses.

Gamma Hose also carries Petrol Pump Hoses, Tar Spraying Hoses, Hoses designed for cleaning tank wagons, hoses for unleaded fuel delivery, delivery of fuel oil, diesel, and other multi-purpose hoses for mineral oil products and fuel products. Just contact Gamma Hose for any type of industrial hose design and application you may need.