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Major Features of Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses

The Trelleborg brand of oil and marine bonded hoses is proven to be among the best in the world. It has a proven track record that spans over a hundred years of technological expertise and innovative approach. There are four bonded hoses solutions for specific purposes: KLELINE, REELINE, TRELLINE and Flexible Water Intake Hoses.

The KLELINE submarine and floating hoses range comes in three different types of structures: single carcass, dual carcass and double carcass. They are designed for all terminals and FPSO’s applications.

The REELINE range are submarine and floating hoses designed for reeling applications. They come in two carcass structures.

The TRELLINE submarine and floating hoses range comes in two different structures. They have long service life and designed for exacting conditions in shallow and deep water.

The Flexible Water Intake Hoses are submarine seawater suction hoses for FPSO’s cooling applications. They come with integrated hypo-chlorine lines with long life and maintenance-free.

Trelleborg Industrial Air Hose Products

Trelleborg, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality, high performance industrial hose products has on offer a wide range of air hoses. These air hose products from Trelleborg have been developed specifically to withstand the extreme conditions associated with industries where air hoses are required for compressed air applications. Let us take a look at some of the top air hose products from Trelleborg.

MAXAIR – Designed for air as well as compressed air applications, these hoses are suitable for use with pneumatic tools and other general purpose industrial applications. It is also suitable for other applications, such as for carrying oxygen and inert gases like nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide for arc welding applications. Under certain conditions it can also be used for delivery of aqueous solutions for disinfection, white washing etc. These hoses are highly resistant to abrasion and have good cold flexibility.

SUPERMINES – These extra heavy duty compressor hoses are suitable for usage in building sites, quarries, civil engineering projects etc. They are designed for extremely high resistance to fatigue, twisting and bending as well as high resistance to atmospheric conditions, abrasion as well as dragging over rough surfaces.

Trelleborg Introduces Vanilla Flavored Scuba Diving Hoses

When it comes to scuba diving, the reliability and safety of equipment is of utmost importance. Trelleborg offers more than that – it has introduced vanilla flavored rubber hoses for scuba diving equipment.

Scuba diving equipment requires specialized breathing gear comprising of the air tank, regulator and hose. The regulator delivers the breathing gas from the tank to the diver through the hose. For the breathing equipment to function properly underwater, the hose should be designed such that it can easily withstand saltwater, rough handling on diving boats, UV light as well as wide range of extreme diving conditions. Some manufacturers tried PVC for the hoses; however, they fell short on flexibility and temperature tolerance. While rubber has been found to be the best possible material for these hoses, it imparts an unpleasant flavor to the air as it passes through the hose from the tank to the diver.

Trelleborg has introduced vanilla flavored hoses for scuba diving gear to address this issue. The vanilla flavor is imparted to the rubber hoses by adding natural vanillin (used in the pharmaceutical and food sector). The vanillin is added while the rubber for producing the inner layer of the hose is being mixed. These hoses have three layers – the inner tube with the vanilla flavor, a textile layer for reinforcement along with an outer cover.

Trelleborg sales manager for industrial grade hoses in Italy, Luca Colombo said “It completely eliminates the taste of the rubber.” She further added “Also we don’t use phthalates, esters of phthalic acid, which are used in plastic products to increase flexibility. So divers do not have to suffer the taste of rubber or breathe in any dangerous materials.” Besides that, these hoses are also compliant with FDA regulations.

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