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Trelleborg to expand its Skelmersdale plant

According to an article written by Mike McNulty published in Rubber News (online) on January 31, 2013, Trelleborg is planning to expand its products plant offshore, specifically its factory in Skelmersdale, England. The company intends to upgrade the facility’s equipment and add modern new ones as well as double the Skelmersdale plant’s size from its present area of more than 40,000 sq. ft.

The expansion of Trelleborg’s manufacturing capabilities is intended for more demanding subsea applications. Trelleborg produces products for the offshore oil and gas industry including syntactic foam-based products. The company coordinates the activities of its worldwide business from its head office in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Gamma Hose Limited is the industrial hose specialist that distributes Trelleborg industrial hose products from its headquarters in Leicestershire, UK. In addition, Gamma Hose carries the range of products by Semperit and offers other hose associated products such as couplings, fittings, and fasteners from Mikalor Damesa, the leading manufacturer of fasteners.

Trelleborg understands the growing demands of the industry, and continues to develop innovative and cost effective solutions for its distributors like Gamma Hose to continue to meet the needs of the industry and its customers.

Trelleborg Industrial Air Hose Products

Trelleborg, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality, high performance industrial hose products has on offer a wide range of air hoses. These air hose products from Trelleborg have been developed specifically to withstand the extreme conditions associated with industries where air hoses are required for compressed air applications. Let us take a look at some of the top air hose products from Trelleborg.

MAXAIR – Designed for air as well as compressed air applications, these hoses are suitable for use with pneumatic tools and other general purpose industrial applications. It is also suitable for other applications, such as for carrying oxygen and inert gases like nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide for arc welding applications. Under certain conditions it can also be used for delivery of aqueous solutions for disinfection, white washing etc. These hoses are highly resistant to abrasion and have good cold flexibility.

SUPERMINES – These extra heavy duty compressor hoses are suitable for usage in building sites, quarries, civil engineering projects etc. They are designed for extremely high resistance to fatigue, twisting and bending as well as high resistance to atmospheric conditions, abrasion as well as dragging over rough surfaces.

Industrial Hoses: Designed to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Hoses used for industrial purposes are not the same as your normal rubber hose. Industrial hoses are specifically designed to work safely under extreme temperature and pressure conditions and to resist effects of exposure to abrasive or caustic chemical agents associated with heavy industries. Typically, industrial hoses consist of a flexible outer sheath made of heat, lubricant and chemical resistant rubber, which is reinforced with a metal or textile braided sheath. Industrial hoses supplied by Gamma Hose come as prefabricated modular units complete with fittings and are generally used in pneumatic, hydraulic, chemical process and high pressure lubrication systems.

Industrial hoses which are developed for use in high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic systems have one or more brass or stainless steel braided sheaths integrated in the rubber or along the outer side of the hose for reinforcement. Some might even have helical stainless steel coils to enable them to withstand high operational pressures. Coil and braid sheaths also protect the hose from mechanical pressures while specially formulated rubber is used for the manufacture of lubricant and chemical resistant industrial hoses.

Industrial Hose: Top 3 Usage and Maintenance Tips

Industrial hoses are designed to work under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. They need to be handled and maintained properly in order to ensure a long life, optimal performance and the safety of workers. Here are a few tips on the usage and maintenance of industrial hoses.

  1. Excessive pressure can damage a hose so make sure that you never overshoot the hose’s rated working pressure. Also ensure that the there are no pressure surges or spikes above its maximum working pressure.
  1. Never pull off a hose by the coupling. Pulling it by the coupling may cause a kink in the hose or even weaken the coupling bond.
  1. Never over bend as it may kink. Also never bend it tighter than the minimum bend radius recommended for the hose. You could also consider using bend restrictors to prevent the hose from bending past its minimum bend radius.

Keeping these tips in mind while handling hoses can go a long way in ensuring a long life.

IndustrialSAVER Releases Its Approved List of Industrial Hose Manufacturers

According to IndustrialSAVER, the B2B industrial marketplace, fluid management forms an important aspect for numerous industries and companies. Addressing this issue IndustrialSAVER recently launched its Hose and Tube marketplace. The company said that this online marketplace will focus on fluid management and is designed for companies which offer or source PVC hoses, rubber hoses, pressure washer, stainless steel, flexible metal, plumbing, garden and automotive hoses along with various kinds of small and large tubes, square, rectangular and round tubing for a wide range of applications.

IndustrialSAVER is originally a part of Industrial Leaders, the company which runs the American Hose and Tube Directory. This directory was revised recently to include additional offerings for hoses, tubes and pipe products from over 180 manufacturers, exporters and distributors of fluid management services and products. IndustrialSAVER spokesperson Landon Baker, said that the website focuses mostly but not entirely on United States based manufacturers of tubing and hoses made from PVC, Teflon, carbon or stainless steel, clear and colored plastic, silicone, polyethylene, vinyl, brass, copper, nickel alloy, square steel and other materials.

For UK and Europe Gamma hose recommends the world leading brands of Trelleborg, Semperit and Mikalor Damesa for a wide range of applications