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Avoiding Static Fires When Using Petroleum Hoses

A recent article highlighted the dangers involved when using fule lines to fill aircraft or cars.

In the particular case at Maryborough Airport a pilot  received serious burns after refuelling his aircraft. Apparently, the man was filling up when static from the bower sparked a fire- burning the man’s hands and arms.

It is imperative that hoses for these applications should include a means of earthing to avoid static build up and a sparks which can cause a fire.

For example Gamma Hose recommend the Trelleborg Voludec hose which includes a conductive braid to dissipate static electricity.

If you have any questions about your petrochemical hose application please contact Gamma Hose today on 01455 847081

Trelleborg Voludec Hose Click To Download Spec Sheet

Trelleborg Oil and Petroleum Hoses and Handling Solutions Video.

This animated video shows the full range of Trelleborg’s handling solutions for the Oil and Petroluem industry

Gamma Hose are the UK’s leading supplier of Trelleborg hoses for oil and petroleum. If you need help with the design and supply of your hose contact us today.

The Semperit Tanker Reel Mounted Hose

Gamma Hose Limited, design and produce of industrial hose assemblies for heavy and safety critical industrial applications. One such example are oil and petroleum hoses such as the Semperit TMH Tankmaster hose or use on petrol tankers and as an oil delivery reel hose.

The TMH Tankmaster is a registered trademark of Semperit suitable for fuel-oil tankers delivering diesel, unleaded fuels, heating oils, and kerosene. It is intended as a reel-mounted hose which has been tested in accordance with existing technical regulations for use on combustible liquids.

The TMH Tankmaster hose is available with non-conductive cover in red color upon request. The tube is black, oil resistant, smooth, NBR and electrically conductive.  It is reinforced with a textile spiral construction and two crossed copper wires. Its cover has a continuous marking in green color.

Other Semperit Oil & Petroleum Hoses available from Gamma Hose include LPG Delivery Hoses for Road Tankers, Oil Return Hoses, General Purpose S & D Hoses, Delivery Hoses for Loading & Unloading Ships and Tankers, and Aircraft Refuelling Hoses.

Gamma Hose also carries Petrol Pump Hoses, Tar Spraying Hoses, Hoses designed for cleaning tank wagons, hoses for unleaded fuel delivery, delivery of fuel oil, diesel, and other multi-purpose hoses for mineral oil products and fuel products. Just contact Gamma Hose for any type of industrial hose design and application you may need.

Gamma Hose Limited Provides the Best Solution for Hygienic Hoses

Gamma Hose Limited offers the widest range of industrial hose and hose-related products in the UK market to cater to your every need. The GHL line of hygienic hoses targets the food industry to offer clean and trusted hose services.

Each model under the hygienic range of hoses is tailored to handle a range of food products including milk, grain and cold drinks. The Gamma Hose Limited line of hygienic products inspires confidence in users with numerous approvals from IANESCO, VTT, MMB and the FDA. GHL products also come with a range of end fittings including SMS, Tri Clamp, RJT, DIN, just to mention a few.

The food hose range of products from Trelleborg and Semperit are also available for a variety of industrial and institutional applications. Just like the Gamma Hose Limited products, Trelleborg and Semperit hoses are approved by IANESCO, FDA, BGVV, CEE and BMMB.

Major Features of Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses

The Trelleborg brand of oil and marine bonded hoses is proven to be among the best in the world. It has a proven track record that spans over a hundred years of technological expertise and innovative approach. There are four bonded hoses solutions for specific purposes: KLELINE, REELINE, TRELLINE and Flexible Water Intake Hoses.

The KLELINE submarine and floating hoses range comes in three different types of structures: single carcass, dual carcass and double carcass. They are designed for all terminals and FPSO’s applications.

The REELINE range are submarine and floating hoses designed for reeling applications. They come in two carcass structures.

The TRELLINE submarine and floating hoses range comes in two different structures. They have long service life and designed for exacting conditions in shallow and deep water.

The Flexible Water Intake Hoses are submarine seawater suction hoses for FPSO’s cooling applications. They come with integrated hypo-chlorine lines with long life and maintenance-free.