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Gamma Hose for Steam Cleaning Applications

Gamma Hose Limited is the company that can provide Industrial Hose Design assistance and solutions.  If you do a lot of steam cleaning, you will find applications to suit your specific requirements at Gamma Hose.  They can provide the right hose for the temperature and pressure that your need for steam cleaning especially in the food industry or in the delicate tasks in the chemical and related industries.

There are ready-made hose assemblies or separate Semperit or Trelleborg hoses and fittings for various assembly requirements available at Gamma Hose.  They are always ready to help with individual requirements and specifications.

Within the Trelleborg Steam Hose range, products include Trellvast for Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning approved as Type 1, Class A for ISO6134.  The Petrovast, Supervast and S 2096 Trelleborg Steam Hoses are intended for Heavy Duty Cleaning and Circulation of Superheated Steam approved for Type2, Class A or B ISO6134 while the Biovast and Bergalay Trelleborg Steam Hoses are for Steam Cleaning in Food Processing plants.

Semperit Industrial and Hydraulic Hoses: Worldwide Facilities Working for You!

Semperflex is a worldwide company that provides not only industrial and hydraulic hoses all around the world, but also provides a variety of other services too. There are facilities in Austria, China, Italy, Thailand, Czech Republic and in Germany too. The technology center is located in Wimpassing in Austria, this site makes sure that the development and research of new products is kept up to date with competitors. The spiral hydraulic hoses, elastomer and wear resistant sheeting and studded industrial hoses are also created at the Wimpassing site.

One of the largest hose factories in Asia is the Semperflex Asia Corporation. It produces some of the most advanced steel wire hydraulic hoses and washing machine hoses in the entire world. This facility has been creating the best technology in hoses for over 20 years.

The Semperflex facility in Germany is dedicated to assembling high pressure air hoses and making sure that the fittings and hoses are compatible to the highest degree possible. This way the purchasers of these hoses can be absolutely sure that their hoses will not only function as they need them to, but also that they will last for a long time too.

The many other facilities around that create Semperit hoses and products are all working together to create the highest quality and the highest technologically advanced hoses in the world.

Trelleborg Welding Hose Products

Trelleborg, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial hose products, offers a comprehensive range of hoses for welding gas delivery applications. As these hose products are used for carrying inflammable gases, safety is a paramount concern. Trelleborg welding hose products are designed to ensure safety for such delivery applications. Here we will take a look at some of the welding hose products offered by Trelleborg.

PLUTON 10/20 EN 559 - These Trelleborg hose products are suitable for welding gas supply applications. Designed to be light weight and highly flexible, these hoses have a long service life. The cover is resistant to hot spots and ozone and highly flame resistant which is necessary in case there is a flashback. The strong textile reinforcement ensures safety.

PLUTON TWIN EN 559 - These are twin line rubber hoses from Trelleborg for welding gas delivery applications. Designed for easy handling these hoses are light weight and flexible. They have been developed specifically to offer high resistance to atmospheric conditions like ozone and hot spots. The tubes are flame resistant which ensures safety in case of flashbacks.

Trelleborg Hoses for Steam Cleaning Applications

Trelleborg as one of the leading industrial hose manufacturers offers a wide range of solutions for steam cleaning applications. These steam cleaning hoses are specifically designed to withstand the high pressure and temperature conditions typical to such applications. Trelleborg’s industrial hoses for steam cleaning applications are used in a number of industries right from the food industry to heavy industries like chemical as well as petrochemical industries. Let us take a look at some of the products offered by Trelleborg for steam cleaning applications.

TRELLVAST - These hoses are designed for the chemical and petrochemical industries and are suitable for heavy duty steam cleaning as well as circulation of superheated or saturated steam at temperatures of up to 164oC. These hoses are highly resistant to atmospheric conditions as well as abrasion.

PETROVAST - These hoses are suitable for industrial steam cleaning as well as circulation of superheated and saturated steam in various heating systems. They are used in a number of industries including, petrochemical, chemical, shipyard and building industries.

SUPERVAST – These hoses are suitable for circulation of superheated and saturated steam as well as heavy duty steam cleaning applications in heating systems where it may be exposed to oil. It is used in shipyard, building, chemical and petrochemical industries.