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Welding Hose assembly available at Gamma Hose Limited

All your welding hose assembly queries are no longer a problem with Gamma Hose services readily available. The hose producing company boasts of the most comprehensive variety of welding hoseassemblies currently available in the U.K.

Your scope of choices is also stretched to cover products manufactured by Semperit and Trelleborg assemblies, and this guarantees you availability of products that will cater to your every need. Sample the best hose range under EN559 product assemblies that bear the GHL brand. These include the Trelleborg Pluton Acetylene Hose and oxygen hose for welding, and the Vulpane propane hose for welding.

GHL welding products include the GHL OXY, ACETY, PROP, ARGON, TWIN AND PROP HD, all in red, blue, black and orange within the EN559 range of products for all your welding requirements.

Together with the most competitive prices Gamma hose products provide the best solution for all your welding requirements.

Choosing Industrial Hydraulic Hose: Things to Consider

Proper selection of industrial hydraulic hoses is very important in order to prevent if not eliminate premature failure. However, when it comes to actually choosing one, things usually tend to be a bit confusing. Here we will look at some of the most important things you must take into consideration when selecting hydraulic hoses.

  • Pressure Rating: The hose you choose for a hydraulic system should be able to withstand the highest pressure levels produced by that system. Also take into consideration possible peaks or surges which might be encountered.
  • Temperature Range: A good hydraulic hose should be able to withstand both external temperatures as well as internal fluid temperatures. Check the hoses’ maximum operating temperature and then determine whether it is high enough for your requirements. Ensure that you do not exceed the maximum operating temperature as it will reduce the service life of the hose.
  • Fluid Compatibility: All hose assembly components such as the tube, couplings and cover must be compatible with the fluid being used in the hydraulic system. Look up a compatibility chart to ensure that hose’s compound is compatible with the hydraulic fluid.

Besides the above, there are some other important considerations also, such as the hose’s minimum bend radius and the hose routing.

If you are in any doubt then please call us on 01455 847081 or fill in our contact form and we would be pleased to help you design the hose to suit your application.

Work on Trelleborg’s New Offshore Facility Commences in Brazil

A sod-cutting ceremony marked the beginning of work at Trelleborg’s new offshore facility in Brazil. Brazil’s oil capital, Macae, is the location of the facility. This new offshore facility is scheduled to open by the end of 2011 and is all set to manufacture the complete product range of Trelleborg. Their product portfolio includes a host of polymer-based solutions.

“Major oil and gas discoveries have been made off the coast of Brazil in recent years, as a consequence of which, we are experiencing increasing demand for our high-performance polymer and syntactic foam-based buoyancy and cable protection solutions from the region. We are committed to opening a new manufacturing facility close to our customer base so that our local team is on-hand to provide the technical support that our customers have come to know and expect from the Trelleborg brand”, said Alan Wilson, President, Trelleborg Offshore.

Gamma Hose is a leading distributor of Trelleborg Hoses, among other brands. Gamma Hose is known for its wide variety of hose application solutions for industry.

Welding Hose Assembly Manufacturers

Welding Hose Assembly Manufacturers

Welding Hose and Assemblies - from Gamma HoseGamma Hose Limited stocks the most comprehensive range welding hose and assemblies available in the UK. Our own best selling range of EN559 hose assemblies bearing the GHL brand, along with products manufactured by both Trelleborg and Semperit, guarantees that you will find a product in our range to suit your application and requirements.

Quality hose and fittings combined with competitive pricing make our hose solutions the right solution for your welding requirements.

If you would like help with your Gas and Welding hose design and application please contact us using our industrial hose enquiry form.